County Public High School Gujrat is an English Medium School. CPS Gujrat has been set up to provide a sound education to the students with special emphasis on character building and development of a wholesome personality.  Our teaching techniques are in keeping with the requirements of 21st Century.  We aim at building the students power of judgment and appraisement of evidence by reasoning and inference. We ensure that our students excel not only within the education system but in the real world as well, allowing our students to “Arise, Awake, and Ascend” Many of COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL Students are now Doctors lawyers engineers and highly ranked officers on Gov posts.
From the first day of our establishment (April 1994) C.P.S  education system is devised to adopt correct social, moral and religious attitude towards life. Our teaching techniques are modern and professional according to the 21 Century needs.

Our Philosphy

Muhammad Tasneem Kausar Chaudhry is the founder and CEO of CPS, who has steered the fortunes of thousands of students. After serving 23 years in the Educational field, his teaching philosophy made us one of the famous School in the City Gujrat. CPS is an English Medium School so English is taught as a compulsory subject. Our process of learning increases our students’ confidence and sense of independence. After the establishment of a report between the teacher and the student, the teacher starts working together with students and parents that the week students participate in everyday lesson willingly and joyfully. We create the constructivist program that teaches to the individualities of every child and every unique classroom. We are creating  curriculum with and for children to help them think and communicate as readers, writers, scientists, mathematicians, artists, and social scientists.

Our teachers work to ensure that each student receives an education targeting their cognitive, social, and emotional needs. We conduct an observational period at the start of the school year to get to know our students and their needs. If we conclude additional services are needed, we will support and guide families through the evaluation process and advocate for a child to receive services. Our teaching concept provides an opportunity for continual learning and growth. Our main focus as a School is to create  a love of learning in our students, as we share our own passion for learning with them.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to work in partnership with students, families and the teachers to ensure that each student acquires the knowledge, skill and core values through quality education that encourages every student to realize his\her potential.

CPS Mission is to maintain its stander of Education with each Class.


Our Vision

To be an institution of excellence that builds Responsible Citizens for a better tomorrow.To Create a School that puts the Joy back into Learning.



CPS has a well-designed syllabus for their students according to BISE GUJRANWALA requirements. We modify and change our syllabus books according to modern education requirement. Every class syllabus is designed and chosen by our experts. Our Syllabus includes very good and clear objectives which reflect students need.