Admissions will be offered to both the boys and girls from Nursery up to class 9th.The prospectus of the School can be obtained from the School office. It contains the application form for admission or you can download admission form from our website. Parents/guardian are required to apply for admission on a prescribed application form. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to a candidate without assigning any reason. At the time of admission, the admission fee, security deposit, and one-month tuition fee in advance is payable.

For Admission we Required:

1: Two passport size Photograph
2: Birth certificate

Entry Test

For Nursery and Prep Classes an informal individual assessment test will be taken.  For the upper classes 1 to 9, the child will be tested in three subjects namely English, Urdu, and Math. Admission is granted strictly on Merit after clearance the test and interview.


Freedom does not exist without responsibility. The discipline programme is intended to ensure that everyone at school shares the responsibility of providing a sound academic environment within which to learn. All school personnel has responsibilities to maintain control and proper conduct of students while under the supervision of the school. The ultimate goals for the students are self-discipline and responsibility for one’s action.


Rules and Regulations are made to regulate the behavior of the students without which the campus will not be able to give the look it should give to a visitor at a glance. Some rules are different nature, unlike others that are reformatory.

  1. The Principal has a full authority to fine, punish, admonish or forgive a student depending on the nature of lapse and its impact on others.
  2. The Principal may ask any student to leave the school if at any time he feels that his or her stay in the school is not in his/her interest or of the institutions.
  3. The student must turn up punctually on the first day of each term and also subsequently. Those students who remain absent without permission for a week or more are liable to lose their admission and may be struck off the rolls. A fine of Rs. 10/- for the first day of absentee and Rs. 5/- for each subsequent day, will be charged for being absent without leave.
  4. The students causing damage to furniture or school’s property will be fined heavily and in additional disciplinary action may also be taken against them. In any case, the parents will have to make good the damage caused.
  5. Students suffering from a contagious or infectious disease are not permitted to attend school in the large interest of other students.
  6. Parents are expected to see that their children study regularly during the working days as well as the holidays at home and complete the homework given to them. While it is not possible to anticipate all forms unacceptable behavior, the following will not be tolerated:
  7. Indiscipline, cheating, lying, stealing and showing moral turpitude.
  8. Bringing or keeping fire-arms knives of any kind or keeping other Lethal Weapons.
  • Willfully damaging the school’s property or causing harm to their own school fellows.
  1. Being habitually unpunctual, untidy and slovenly dressed.
  2. Use of threats and resort to violence.
  3. Rude behavior with the members of the staff.


The practice of removing the student from school for vacation or early leaves for holidays is strongly discouraged. If due to an emergency it is necessary to remove a student for leave. The parent should contact the Principal to justify the need and to make an arrangement with the teachers before departure Make up work will be at the discretion of the teacher. The responsibility for makeup work resets with the students.

Parents anticipating the early withdrawal of their child should notify the Principal’s office at least one month in advance. This will enable the office to prepare the appropriate record. Early departure at the end of the academic year is regarded as the most undesirable. Final grades are usually not given if a student withdraws before the term is completed. No School Leaving Certificate will be issued unless all fee and other dues have been paid. Notice of with drawl /discharge may be given before 31st of March otherwise a student’s name will be transferred to the new class and thus the dues will become payable.

Parents wanting short leave for their child during school hours should send an application to the Principal’s office. When parents expect their children being out of school due to illness, they should inform the Principal’s Office, so that homework may be provided to the students. After an absentee, the student should provide a note to the class teacher signed by the parents. The absentee of a student exceeding 14 days without any information/notice or a note of excuse will be treated as with drawl.