CEO & Founder

Muhammad Tasneem Kausar Chaudhry is the founder and CEO of COUNTY PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL. He is one of our city most educated and inspirational personality. He is an acclaimed educationist, who has steered the fortunes of thousands of students. After serving 23 years in the Educational field, CPS becomes one of the famous School in the City Gujrat. During his tenure as Principal of the County Public School Gujrat,  he set standards of excellence that led to the school being ranked as one of the best in the city of Gujrat.  During his stewardship, the infrastructure of the school underwent a massive up-gradation.

He achieved most of his Education in UK. On return to Pakistan, Sir Tasneem established the COUNTY PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL in April 1994. His aim is  that our students get the best of indoor and outdoor training, molding them to think critically, Synthesise knowledge and reflect on their own thought processes.

Sir is also the member of School Registration, Committee District Gujrat. He also works to promote private Schools association called (APPSCA) ALL PUNJAB PRIVATE SCHOOL COLLEGES ASSOCIATION ( ). He is also the member of nationwide All Private Schools and Association called ( PAA, PEC, PFS, APPSF ).


Tasleem Ahmed Chaudhry is a Director and Co-Owner of CPHS Gujrat Pakistan. Tasleem Ahmed was born in Gujrat Pakistan. After completion his Bachelor degree from Pakistan he went to Austria and soon after he started his professional career from there. He did his Master PMBA (Professional Master of Business Administration) from University of New Hampshire at Manchester USA in 2010. He served in Aviation industry more then 15 years. As a project manager in Aviation Industry he demonstrated the ability to lead diversified teams of professionals to new levels of success in the highly competitive environment of cutting-edge markets.

Tasleem Ahmed is dynamic and highly qualified experienced personality. He speaks three languages, English German and Greek. During his 15 years tenure he served and travel to many countries. It is also important to mention that he was Honoured to deliver Guest lectures to the undergraduate students from his University. During his Educational career (PMBA) Tasleem also serve as a Vice President of students Affairs. As a Director of CPS, he is responsible of creating new Business Strategies, School development plans, and marketing campaigns according to competitive environment. He is the second most powerful and influential person in CPHS.



CPS has employed highly qualified, trained and experienced teaching staff to impart instruction to the students effiecently regularly and to the best of their ability. We have two Principals one for boys and one for girls campus. They are highly qualified and well trained. CPS believe that quality of teachers is related to improvement of students performance.

One of the most important factors OF CPS student achievement is a highly qualified Teachers.