Games, Sports, and other co-curricular activities are not only given their due but maximum share in the overall out lift of the school. A balanced personality can only emerge if:- “The claims of both mind and body are reconciled scientifically”. An effort is made by the school to lay down the system to achieve this objective. PT class is a step towards mental and physical gymnastics. Morning assembly, games as sports like Cricket, Hockey, Basketball and indoor games like Table Tennis and Badminton are properly organized under the supervision of the Vice-Principal who issues written Programs to be followed. Instructors spread out on playgrounds to organize, supervise and implement the program issued. The educational tour, visits to historical place or places of interest, excursions are organized according to a schedule worked out in the forecast of events. Pleasure is a consequence of these activities whereas the aim is to create organizing ability in the students. Once in a session, and activity is left to the students to organize it independently to ascertain how far the teachers have succeeded in training the students. National and Religious days are celebrated with due solemnity. The students participate in these functions, variety shows and other cultural and social programs are planned and organized exclusively by the students. The members of the staff witness the show. The activity is graded for the purpose of inter-class, intersection, inter wings competition by a panel of Judges from outside.