After each term we arrange a parent-teacher meeting, to inform the parents about the progress of the student.



The school community is composed of parents, students, teachers, and administrators working together. Administration of the school hopes that parents/ Guardians will be sharing with them the view that education is a continuous process in which the school, home, and community all play equally important roles. Successful process of education and development of a healthy personality result from the harmony in approach on the part of all these three.

Parents from time to time may policies have complaints in regard to general school policies or to work or action of individual teachers. The proper order of communication regarding complaints about teachers is for the parents to first contact the teacher and to discuss the problems with him/her, only after communicating with the teacher should parents direct complaints to the Principal. Many a time problems can be worked out just by informing the teacher of the particular concern. If the parent feels that satisfactory resolution has not been obtained after holding discussions with the teacher, he/she has the right to go to the Principal and then in turn to the administrators. Parents are welcomed to have interviews with the teachers or the Principal on Monday to f Thursday from 9:00 A.M. to 12:OO Noon. Whereas the school must assume responsibility for imparting formal education. The parents must help the child. For this reason, at our school, we attach a lot of importance to parent-teacher meetings which are held every term. At these meetings, the parents get an opportunity of meeting the teacher and discuss their child’s progress and work. It is addressed to the staff/teachers not to accept any gift etc form the parents. It should be considered as a legalized bribe (RISHWAT) by the parents which are unwarranted and uncalled for.

Parents are not allowed to collect their children from classes before the prescribed time. However, in case of emergency parents may seek written permission from the principal. Private Tuition is not allowed to be undertaken by the teachers under any circumstance.


Parent’s day is an annual feature of County Public High School which is celebrated in the first week of November every year. The function is held to present awards, entertain, with plays and musical presentation etc. All students are encouraged to participate. It is an all students performance helped by teachers. Parents are cordially invited.